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We are a specialist in Providing High Quality Mosquito Nets. We provide mosquito control solutions which includes Foldable mosquitonet for Beds, Canopy mosquito Bed net, Mosquito Net for Windows, Mosquito net for doors, Baby mosquito nets and cotton mosquito nets. We install our mosquito control solutions in Independent houses, villas, Bangalows, resedential flats, commerical shops, Hotels, hospitals etc. Our vision is to be customer centric, fast and reliable delivery. Our belief in Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drives us to step into our customer’s needs. Customers can enquire and order through phone, email or SMS. We deliver our mosquito nets at your door step.

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• Mesh Options

We deal with only international brands like Saint gobain, Phifer, velcro etc to maintain quality and reputation. We DO NOT deal with local brands to ensure customer satisfaction, quality and durability

• Various Mesh Colours

FiberGlass is widely used as this provides transparent screening, so the openness of an area is maintained and the view is not obstructed. Various color options are available for the meshes.

• Varied Frame Colours

You don’t have to sacrifice style to keep bugs, debris and birds out of your home, school or workplace. Insect Screens provides different frame colours and types to fit any décor.

• Rust Proof

All our frames are made of high quality stainless steel, aluminium and wood. Thus we ensure the frames do not rust, hence the maintenance cost is very less compared to our competitors and local players.

• Superior Strength

All screens are of superior strength and durability, however, heavy duty screens are available for Patios, Porches and Pools as the increased diameter mesh strand is ideal for preserving the shape of wide spans of screen.

• Maintain Airflow Insect Screens uses the latest screen technology to maintain airflow through the screens so you don’t have to expend comfort for practicality. Legacy mosquito screen prevents air circulation.


• Custom Made Screens

Customized screening according to individual requirements.

• Removable Screens Insect Screens can be installed so that they are effortlessly removed for cleaning.

• Repairs at a fraction of the cost

We will also repair screens at a fraction of the cost if you accidentally tear or damage the screens.

• Partnerships with Builders

We deliver solutions, not just products. Insect Screens will work with partners to deliver the right solution to your problem.

• Family Owned Company

We are family owned so we want your family to be as comfortable and safe as ours. It is our goal to provide affordable screens so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of insect screens.

• Tall Buildings

We Provides services even to 20+ stories buildings. All our employees are equipped with safety accessories while carrying out the work.


Keep Out Insects

The obvious benefit is keeping out insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Apart from these being a nuisance, they carry diseases which can be quite severe, and even if symptoms are mild, often require a costly trip to the doctor.

Cut Air Conditioning Cost

The cost of running and maintaining ACs can be high, and there is really no need to lock yourself inside when we have such wonderful weather in Chennai. Instead, Insect Screens should be used to encourage the natural flow of air to help keep the entire home cool.

Encourage Natural Light Insect Screens are near transparent and certainly let in the natural light. This again allows you to cut costs by reducing your electricity bill, and also adds to the appeal of your home or office.

Affordability Insect Screens will last for years and are thus a small cost worth considering. When the yearly costs incurred for non-necessities is considered, such as yet more clothes or another weekend lime, it will soon be realized that are a necessity that is very economical.

Easy to Maintain and Clean Insect Screens are made from lightweight materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The screens can be installed so that they are removable for cleaning, such as brushing, or washing off with water.

Neat and Attractive Insect Screens won’t dent as these are made of Fiberglass which will maintain its shape. The screens are also very neat and professional so they maintain your home’s aesthetics more so than most Do-It-Yourself options.

Allow in fresh air insect Screens do not stop the flow of air. This means that clean air is circulated in the home instead of stale air (which encourages the growth of bacteria). Pollutants in musty air can have ill effects on health so Insect Screens should be used to let in fresh air.

Prevent Birds  Insect Screens are strong enough to prevent birds so outdoor areas can be screened to keep these areas clean and attractive.

Reduce Dust and Debris

Insect Screens can also prevent some dust as the mesh is fine enough to trap a portion of dust. Other debris, such as leaves, can also be blocked from entering any area.

Keep the View

Insect screens can be almost invisible depending on the lighting in the area in which they are installed so there is no risk of losing your view. Apart from that, a closed door completely bounds you in, while insect screens retain an element of openness.

Protect Children

Our little ones require constant supervision and usually end up in places where they shouldn’t be. Insect Screens can be used to block off more than doors and windows, as entire open areas can be screened, which help to keep the kids confined.

Maintain your Style

There are a number of options for screens and frames so there is no need to sacrifice style for practicality.


Finally no more mosquitoes or flies. I had 2 doors and many number of windows done. Pricing and service was very good. 5 Star rating to King Mosquito Nets Chennai LLP..
Anoop Kumar
TCS, Devliery Manager
Now my family is free from mosquitoes.without using any mosquito repellant , we can happily live in our home. Hence, I recommend every body to install mosquit screen/mesh for your doors and windows
Prabhu Naidu
Recently, they provided good quality window insect screens to my home. Their services and approach to the customers are very good. I think this company is best in Chennai area.
Cognizant, Project Manager


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