Mosquito net can be made from cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon. A mesh size of 1.2 mm stops mosquitoes. The smaller, such as 0.6 mm, stops other biting insects such as biting midges/no-see-ums.

Product Overview – “Canopy Mosquito Bed Net:

Our product is the most stylish “Canopy Mosquito Bed net” available in the market. It is attracted by 1000’s of customer everyday for its Effeciency and stylish look. Say “Good Bye” to nails and hooks. Stay away from all sorts of chemical repellents, mats and mosquito cols.  This self supporting Bed net is washable, Foldable and self supporting, to use it to on bed, cot and floor. It has a thin frame to support all the 4 corners. All you have to do is, unfold the net and place it on the bed. It has 2 Zappers(Zip) in both sides for easy entry and exit from the Mosquito net.

Benefits of Canopy Mosquito Bed Nets

Our mosquito nets will be delivered on same day of the purchase.

Our Single or Double “Canopy Mosquito Bed Net” are made up of Polyester Fabric or pure cotton.

It restricts mosquitoes and other insects from entering the net. Hence guaranteeing you a sound sleep

Our “Canopy Mosquito Bed Nets” are stylish and spacious. It is designed keeping in mind the changing consumer needs. It comprises of 2 zipper gates which makes you to easily enter and exit the Bed net.

It has enough space to maintain good ventilation inside the “Mosquito Bed net”

No need to nail the net. No need to tie to the corners. Its self supporting, easily washable and Foldable.

The Light weighted net makes it convenient for users to take it along while travelling.

Free from all chemical repellents that has cancer causing ingredients. Very easy for patients suffering from Asthma, Lung problems, Sinus, Migraine etc..

No more suffocation due to mosquito repellent Mats and coils, works even during power cut.

100% safe and natural way of protecting child, elderly people and family members from mosquito problems.

Its available in all sizes that will best fit to your bed, cot and floor mats.

Its price is affordable to everyone.

The Canopy Mosquito Bed nets are available in various sizes to suit for

1. “Single Bed”

2. “Double Bed”

3. “Queen size”

4. “King size”

5. “Deluxe”

6. “Super Deluxe” 

We sell the following types of Mosquito Net for Beds

  1. Hanging Bed mosquito Nets
  2. Foldable Bed Mosquito Nets
  3. Canopy Bed Mosquito Nets


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