Pleated screen system is operated by a cord tensioning system incorporated within the pleated insect mesh. This cord tensioner controls the tensioning of the screen making it smooth and easy to operate and resists mesh blow out in windy conditions. This modern stylish retractable insect screen is the perfect solution for protecting your family from annoying insects. Smooth to operate, slides to any position along the opening and is neatly stacked away when not in use.

The mesh operates on polyester and strong thread with filament core on tension based technology. Ideal for large windows with strong wind pressure.
High quality range of our Pleated Mesh Systems are extensively used in windows and doors offer protection against all types of insects and protect you from these unnecessary interventions.

The special design of the system keeps the flying pests out while allowing fresh air to circulate around the rooms.

Our systems are demanded because of their excellent quality, good visibility, 100% protection, toughness, longer life and easy maintenance.

Price: Negotiable
Color: As Per Customer Requirement (4-6 colors available)
Quality : Premium & Good
Visibility : Good Visibility
Maintenance : Very easy
Durability : Long Lasting
Nature : Insects Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof
Installation : Easy to install on Wooden, Aluminium & Upvc Frame.
Moving Style : Vertically and Horizontally
Size : As Sizes Available
Frame Metal : Aluminium
Mesh Metal : Fiber Glass
Frame Color : As Per Customer Requirement
Mesh Color : Grey & Black


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