Mosquito Net For Upvc Windows

Fold and slide doors offer space-saving design, because the door sash opens parallel to the fixed unit, instead of opening into the room, and their large sizes allows for plenty of light. Our Fold and Slide doors system provide superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space.

The rollers along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and expert engineering. Choose from three to seven operating panels in various configurations.

Recommended for:

Small indoor areas
Outdoor areas – gardens, etc.
Ideal in both residential and commercial applications

The Mosquito Net Windows frames have metered corners with a strong kick plate to prevent damage while using with support central mid-bars in the hinged version. Strong magnetic catches and handles on both sides to operate fits on the flat face of surrounding frame. Suitable for Balconies, Kitchen & Main Windows.

Heat Reduction – Coupled with special insulating glasses, our high-quality synthetic profiles obtain maximum results, considerably reducing the heat through sophisticated multi-chambered technology.

Durability and Maintenance – Our Windows are made of high-quality uPVC, a proven and particularly long-lasting material.Also with regard to cleaning, Our high-quality plastic Doors & Windows make life easier. Thanks to their smooth surface they can be cleaned easily using commercially available mild cleansing agents and water.

Eco Friendliness – We work with eco-friendly strategies from production through to recycling of discarded synthetic windows. Particularly complex industrial production processes not only feel the need, but also have a great opportunity to minimize damage to the environment throughout the work process. In this context, PVC provides decisive advantages beginning with environmentally friendly production through to the most advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving processing. Closed cycles help reduce the consumption of energy and water. Rainwater falling down on the company’s undeveloped spaces, is collected in a biotope, cleaned from tyre abrasion and oil mud in a sewage treatment plant and supplied to the internal water cycle.

Quality : Premium & Good
Visibility : Good Visibility
Maintenance : Very easy
Installation : Easy to install on Wooden, Aluminium & Upvc Frame.
Durability : Long Lasting
Nature : Insects Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof
Moving Style : Openable/casement & sliding
Size : As Per customize For Windows
Frame Metal : UPVC
Mesh Metal : Stainless Steel 304 Mesh(Natural Or Black) & Fiber Glass Mesh
Frame Color : As Per Customer Requirement
Mesh Color : Grey & Black
Price : Affordable


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