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The top competing brands of Mosquito nets are Netlon, Velcro, Saint gobain, Tuflex and Phifzer. The customers can choose any of the earlier mentioned brands for netting their Windows and doors. The reason behind going for branded nets is that they have very good durability, quality and Better peel & shear strength. 

If customers feel that the branded nets are costlier, they can seek suggestion from us to choose a better locally manufactured mosquito nets for doors and windows. We leave it to customer to choose branded mosquito net or non-branded one.

Advantages of Velcro Type mosquito nets

1. No need to keep you windows closed all the time to prevent mosquitoes. Velcro type mosquito nets can guarantee free air flow to you living room.

2. No chemicals used on the nets. So, free from all hazardous chemicals

3. Easy to remove velcro mosquito nets when you dont need it.

4. Can be easliy transfered in case of relocation, but minimal charges are involved.


Velcro Type Mosquito Net for Windows:

Velcro type mosquito nets are detachable at anytime by customers, on their own.

The time taken to install the mosquito net is very less comparable to other type of mosquito netting.

Keeps your living area ventilated preventing mosquitoes and flies

Each screen is tailor made to suit the specification of each window and door.

It’s washable. But due care should be taken to avoid damage or wrinkles while washing. Please take help from our trained person before washing the mosquito nets on your own.

Velcro Type can be comparted to sticking a kids shoe. You just have to stick the hook with the loop to make it tight. Velcor consist of two components: typically, two lineal fabric strips which are attached to the opposing surfaces to be fastened.<> The first component features tiny hooks; the second features even smaller and “hairier” loops. When the two components are pressed together, the hooks catch in the Velcro loops and the two pieces fasten or bind temporarily during the time that they are pressed together. When separated, by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart, the strips make a distinctive “ripping” sound.

Similarly in “Velcro Type mosquito nets for doors and windows” One loop is stitched together with the Mosquito net and hook is stapled in the window frame.

If the windows frame is a PVC or metal frame, then we need to choose other option to staple velcro to metal. Either we can use “adhesive velcro tape” to stick to metal frame or install a wooden reaper around the metal frame and then still the velcro type mosquito net to it.

High quality range of our Velcro Mesh Systems protect from the unnecessary interventions. We design insect screens which keep the flying pests out while allowing the fresh air to circulate around the rooms. Moreover, these systems also filter pollution such as tiny dust particles. The system helps in protecting from mosquitoes and simultaneously enhances the aesthetic look of the windows. These Mosquito Screens Systems (Velcro Mesh) are easy to install and can be adopted to wooden, aluminium and UPVc frames. We believe that prevention is better than cure. So, our systems are a perfect choice to those who wish to protect your living ambience and your family from insects flying in. This netting provides effective solution to block out the all malaria causing mosquitoes. Our products are widely demanded owing to their good quality, good visibility, 100% protection, toughness, longer life and easy maintenance. Obtain from us, a wide range of Velcro Mesh Systems at affordable prices.

 Fiberglass Mesh with Velcro

Price Starting  Onwards

Fiberglass Velcro mesh is usually a mesh made of glass fiber. It allows fresh air-flow without blocking and gives better visibility to the ouside. It helps to protect from Mosquitos invading the house. 


1. It allows fresh air-flow

2. The view, outside the mesh is much transparant than other meshes.

3. Since it is detachable, its convenient to take it with you if you relocate.

4. Well known for its durability and elegance. It’s washable, retardant, fungal-free and rustfree.

5. Fiberglass mesh can be used for both Wooden type frames and Metal type frames of both windows and doors.

Installation Information

1. Firstly, The Velcro Tape is first sticked or nailed to your metal or Wooden Frame of Doors or windows. 

2. Secondly, all the 4 sides of the mesh will be stitched to the loop.

3. Now the mesh is ready to be attached or detached. You can leave the installation permanently or detach the mesh during summer season.


Mesh Brands

Velcro Tape Brands

Fiber Colors

Fiber Size

Tape Colors

Tape Size


Magnetic Mesh with Velcro


Price Starting Onwards


Magnetic fly screens are suitable for residential and commercial use and the insect screens can be installed directly onto the window frame or surrounding walls, both inside or outside.



Can be used for windows made of steel, wood, aluminum, UPVC, etc

Changing and washing the screen is easy. No extra maintain needed.

Super strong magnets are used to firmly affix the flyscreen to the windows.

No screws or drilling to the original window structure – perfect for people renting.

Can be used either indoor or outdoor. High quality material suitable for all weather conditions.

Strong and durable, constructed with proprietary material to withstand the test of time

The magnet has powerful attract to the frame.

Easy to Install.


Installation Information


1. Our technician will measure the window and cut the PVC frame to size.

2. Assemble the PVC frame

3. Install the fiberglass mesh into the PVC frame.

4. Install the magnetic strip onto x2 sides of the window.

5. Install the flyscreen onto the window & attach the last x2 sides of the magnetic strip.







Stainless Steel Mesh with Velcro

Price Starting Onwards

Stainless steel (SS) mesh will be recommended for uPVC windows and doors as it is durable, reliable and will give you maximum protection against mosquitoes. It is more durable than the Fiberglass mesh.


Stainless steel insect mesh is made of the basic stainless alloy (Type 304).

It’s simple to install, fireproof, anti- rat bite, and has good ventilation and security.

It is slightly expensive but durable.

It is the most durable of the materials available for insect mesh and has excellent resistance to corrosion.

Stainless steel insect mesh keeps out flies, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and other insects.

Installation Information

1. Firstly, The Velcro Tape is sticked or nailed to your metal or Wooden Frame of Doors or windows. 

2. Secondly, all the 4 sides of the mesh will be stitched to the loop.

3. Now the mesh is ready to be attached or detached. You can leave the installation permanently or detach the mesh during summer season.





Do’s and Dont’s

Do not rough wash the mosquito net

Do not fold the mosquito nets while washing.

Do not use hot water to wash the mets, use only mild detergents.

Do not expose mosquito nets to direct fire. Eg: Candles, instance sticks etc..


We provide tailored solution to all your mosquito net needs.. Do not hesitate, Call us for free consultation now @99999 99999

Quality : Premium & Good
Visibility : Good Visibility
Maintenance : Very easy
Installation : Easy to install on Wooden, Aluminium Upvc Frame.
Durability : Long Lasting
Nature : Insects Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof
Size : As Per customize For Windows
Color : As Per Customer Requirement
Mesh Metal : Fiber Glass mesh
Mesh Color : Grey White & Black
Price : Affordable


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